Frequently Asked Questions

1. Choosing a painting contractor?

Hiring a painting contractor can be frustrating and exhausting. We will give you a detailed written estimate. Each room will be itemized so you can compare it with other estimates. In New Jersey it is required for a contractor to give a written itemized estimate/invoice just like an automotive or hospital bill. This is so you know what you are getting and what is not included. It also helps to compare with other estimates, however the lowest price is not always the best.

2. Do you offer free estimates?

Yes we do.

3. Can I leave my home while you are working on my home?

If you feel comfortable about us being there when you are not. Otherwise we can work around your schedule.

4. What if my subfloor is damaged?

We can replace subfloor if we find it damaged or weak while replacing the floor.

5.Do I have to remove my carpet?

If you remove the carpet and dispose of it you will save money. Otherwise we are able to do it.

6.Do I need to supply anything?


7. How do I pick my floor coverings?

We have carpet samples. Other samples such as floating floors,tile and vinyl may be picked at one of supply houses we use in the area.

8. Do you supply the material?

Yes we usually supply all the material unless you would like to use a different source.

9.How do I schedule my service?

When we agree on a price we will schedule.

10.What if I have to reschedule?

Contact us and we will work out a different time.

11. How do I know you are licensed and insured?

In New Jersey General Contractors are not licensed. We are registered with the Attorney Generals Office Division of Consumer Affairs. My registration number is 13VH00216500 and is on the website.

Go to and enter my registration number and my business pops up. I also have a copy of the registration. There is a fine if a contractor has not registration and does work on a home or business. Contractors registration numbers must be on all estimates and invoices

I also have insurance and can have a document sent to you from the insurance company.